Skills Your Child Will Lack Due To The Overuse Of Technology

Technology has taken over our lives today. Of course, thanks to technology, things are better than before. Electronic devices enable everyone their fair share at knowledge, enable people to keep in touch with their friends and family with having to spend a lot of money. We are able to access information and discuss wide range of topics. Technology has given the ability for students to attend lectures at a foreign university via Skype calls or Face Time and graduate from the said university without being physically present in the overseas destination. Though all of these seems to be something out of a fiction novel a few decades ago, technology has in fact addressed all the issues efficiently.

However, as usual, where there is good, there is also a downside. There are many sources prove that there are a number of disadvantages that occur due to the use of technology. It has been noted that this development affects especially the youth, starting from the teenagers. Moreover, children who have no idea about the threats presented in the internet are victimized due to these developments too. It is a known fact that a child will pick an electronic gadget or method of learning over wooden educational toys online any day. Although this has its advantages, do know that overuse of technology can affect your child in a negative way too. Using electronics rules out the need to communicate with others. Therefore, due to this, many children grow up not knowing how to interact in the right way. They lack the concept of starting a conversation. This is why it is important to expose children to beneficial items such as educational toys.

Today, children also lack the ability to be mindful of others. They forget to be open and aware of what others might think and feel if they act in a certain way. They tend to be introverts and more self-centered. Although all these might not seem like a big deal now, when they grow up and become people of society, their misplaced mannerisms come into play. Moreover, research has also found that children who spend a lot of time with tech gadgets have a tendency to develop disorders such as social anxiety and depression.  As you can see, this addiction not only affects your child’s behavior, but it damages his or her health too. So, when you finally realize that encouraging your little ones to spend their time on the electronics is not a good idea, you will definitely change the gift for your child’s next birthday too.