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Motorcycles need a lot of care to keep running at optimum standards. The multiple parts of a motorcycle need to be constantly checked and going to a mechanic every other week could be very expensive. Similarly, not checking everything frequently could result in very expensive replacements later on which could have been easily avoided. Following are a few ways in which you may avoid expensive replacements.

The Chains
Maintain and ¾” to 1 ¼’ sag at the mid-point of the bike chains between the two sprockets. This difference is used when moving over uneven surfaces allowing room for the bike suspension to move. Keeping the chains lubricated at all times will also help reduce long term problems from arising. When spraying, make sure to get both right and left sides without dirtying the rear wheel rim while also spraying liberally so as to come in to contact with the sprockets. Having a center stand as offered by places such as ktm aftermarket parts will make this process a lot easier.

Fuel Maintenance
While this is often overlooked, try to check and replace a fuel filter every two years at least. If you do not frequently use the bike, do not run the risk of untreated gas in the bike after a six month period as by then it starts to break down and might damage the bike. Always check for wear and tear on the fuel lines and that the filter is clean and unclogged.

Oil – Checking oil levels and quality need to be done frequently. However, inspection done wrong can have disastrous effects. Maintain the bike at a constant level and must be inspected when cold, which is usually before a drive. Allow the dipstick to rest on the lowest thread rather than screw it. Also make sure no foreign matter falls in during the inspection. Always use a quality oil filter and change it either with every oil change which is recommended at somewhere between 2000 and 4000 kilo meters. If you are doing the oil changing at home, know your bikes low and high levels beforehand. While under filled oil level could be disastrous, so could over filing it.

Battery – Keeping the battery charged to a maximum is essential and do not require frequent checkups or replacements. Make sure to check the electrolyte level every month and do not top up with normal tap water which has minerals that can harm the battery, but use deionized or distilled water instead. Make sure to keep it clean with the top free of grime, inside free of sulfating, mossing or excessive sedimentation.

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