How To Market Your Website?

As a web savvy entrepreneur you have probably spent hours in designing your website and are proud that finally it has seen the light of day. The next milestone is definitely to ensure that your site gets the optimum number of hits, i.e. to market it as otherwise you will not be able to ensure that you get what you expected – an increase in customer base and better sales. If you have a website on real estate, you can try really killer real estate copywriting strategies to marketing best ways. There are some others to market your website. Here are they discussed:

1.    Search engine optimization(SEO)
Search engine optimization is all about human psychology. Only the most patient internet user goes beyond the top two pages of links after searching for something in Google. So your job is simply to make sure how a link to your website features in the top two pages of organic search results. Ways of doing this are the editing of existing content, real estate copywriting, facilitating the indexing of content by removing barriers and maximizing the number of back links or inbound links. Apparently, SEO will take up a lot of your time but is an indispensable step towards hogging the limelight.

2.    Pay per click(PPC)
Pay per click is a concept where you can set a budget of anything from five dollars a day to as high as ten cents per click for the ads you put up on a search engine with the ulterior motive of converting the internet user to a means of ROI(return on investment). Here the choice of keyword phrases to be used in the Ad is the key to your success.

3.    Retargeting
To make sure that you get back the customers who had once visited your website without committing, you can use this technique which leaves a tracking cookie on their computers so that they get to see your ads even after they have left your website. Since the percentage of non-committal customers is pretty huge, this is a powerful stratagem at getting them back.

4.    Facebook ads:
The importance of ads on Facebook cannot be underscored more as people tend to remember something by its social context more than without any.

5.    Email marketing
An email being a more personal form of communication, its importance in marketing is huge simply because it’s a two way street. Customers tend to have innumerable queries which help you to engage them in serious communication. You need to hold the attention of your prospective client by attracting their attention to the salient features of your website and products by the use of whitepapers, videos etc.